Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is a subject I feel compelled to discuss and expose.

Corrections officers in many states have been mandated to provide CPR to inmates that are in emergency circumstances and require it for obvious life saving reasons. Corrections officers have repeatedly voiced their objections to providing this service citing the reason that CPR is a "medical procedure". Okay, then, I have a question for these officers as well as all the state departments of correction: why are officers not using this same objection to taking part in the "medical procedure" that is lethal injection? Lethal injection has long been established as a medical procedure and no medical doctor or registered nurse will or can legitimately participate in this procedure due to the upholding of the Hippocratic Oath. Because of this promise the procedure of killing a human being is therefore left to non-medical personnel; that means it might as well be you and me. I don't know about you, but I don't have the medical expertise to perform such a procedure, nor would my conscience allow me to participate in such an event, but that is beside the question.

The point is correctional officers are refusing and consistently voicing opposition to being directed to perform CPR on inmates that are in need of assistance citing the reason that they are not medical personnel and therefore have no expertise to involve themselves in such a procedure. But, some of these same people have no problem with volunteering to putting needles into veins without medical certification or medical experience in order to effect a death.

I must question this paradox. And, what say you?

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Ms. Understood said...

Excellent point. They are all to willing to inflict pain, but aren't participate in helping. I watched a movie today called Felon where the prison guards were instigating fights between inmates. Granted I know it's Hollywood's version of what happens in prison, but art mimics life a whole lot. My mother-in-law is a correctional officer so I know not every CO is crooked, but it happens.

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